Trade Your Used Books While You Wait Out Winter Weather

Winter weather is here and instead of being stuck inside with nothing to do, we believe it’s the best time to declutter books! We take your used books for store credit!

The Book Exchange makes it easy to turn those unwanted items into store credit for the items you really want to read this year! We give 1/4th of the original cover price in store credit and sell our books for half; it’s a two for one special! Our basic guidelines are condition, popularity, and what we’ve already got in stock; We go through your items on the spot!

Now it’s time for you to go through the attic, the bookshelves, or anywhere else you store your used books! The first, and only step is figuring out which ones you can live without; We know it’s a hard process, but after this, going through  your items will be a breeze!

Bring them in and even shop around to see all the great items you can get with that newly gained store credit! We’ll go through your items and get you credit on the ones we want! You can then use this credit on anything in our store; books, movies, music, you name it!

We’ve got thousands of titles for you to choose from and with new arrivals daily, you’re sure to find your next favorite book in store! You can stay updated on new arrivals, events, and more on our Facebook page.

Trade Your Used Books While You Wait Out Winter Weather
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